15 Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore

Avoid attending a funeral ceremony empty-handed. Console the grieving family with the best condolences flowers you can order in Singapore. Many florists deliver condolences flowers in Singapore, so you can conveniently order from them. 

Here are our recommendations of the 15 best condolences flowers in Singapore. We based our recommendations on the designs, price, selections, and availability for immediate delivery. Keep this article as your future reference if you need a condolences flowers arrangement. 

#1 Well Live Florist

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - Well Live Florist

Image Credit: Well Live Florist

Get a beautiful combination of sympathy flowers from Well Live Florist. They offer many colourful floral arrangements that can convey your heartfelt message. 

Each arrangement has a different meaning. With a wide range of selections, you can quickly get the one that suits your message and budget. 

Besides flower stands, you can also find hand bouquets and table arrangements that are suitable for funerals. Offer your deep condolences with the perfect flowers from Well Live Florist.

Well Live Florist Review

Well Live Florist received 5 stars on customers’ reviews. Most of their customers are satisfied with the bouquet design and quick response. Getting a quick response from a florist is important if you need a condolences flower stand immediately. 

#2 WindFlower Florist

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - WindFlower

Image Credit: WindFlower Florist

Condolences flower arrangements do not have to be gloomy. Windflower Florist has arrangements of fresh flowers with a combination of various colours. Each arrangement has a message to ease the grief of the bereaved family.  

Pick an arrangement that you want, be it a condolences flower stand or a bouquet. Then, you can contact Windflower Florist for the availability of the condolence flower delivery. Check out the selection of condolences arrangements on WindFlower official website and choose the perfect one for your occasion. 

Windflower Florist Review

This florist is top-rated based on the customers’ reviews. The excellent arrangements and customer service are highly praised by their customers. 

At times when you need to send condolence flowers, you will expect to receive good customer service. Therefore, you can count on Windflower Florist to get the perfect condolence flowers. 

#3 24hrs City Florist

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - 24hrs City Florist

Image Credit: 24 hrs City Florist

Speaking of selections, you cannot leave 24 hrs City Florist out. This flower shop has flower stands, casket sprays, cross wreaths, and funeral wreath flowers. You can find the perfect flower for any funeral ceremony at this shop. 

You can order condolences flowers from this shop online. Pick the arrangement you want and set the delivery time as needed to get your funeral flowers on time. 

24hrs City Florist Review

This florist gets most of their best reviews due to their excellent customer service, especially for last minute flowers. Besides that, the prices are reasonable. If you want a beautiful arrangement of sympathy flowers on budget, this is the place. 

#4 A Better Florist

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - A Better Florist

Image Credit: A Better Florist

A Better Florist provides you with complete selections of floral arrangements. They have all types of funeral arrangements, such as condolences, flower stands, table arrangements, funeral wreath flowers, and funeral baskets. 

This is the florist you need if you plan to deliver smaller condolences flower arrangements like flower baskets or centrepieces. Sending smaller flower arrangements won’t belittle your meaningful gesture of sympathy.  

A Better Florist Review

If you look at the reviews on Google, you may be surprised by the stars they got. However, you can always contact them when you order from A Better Florist. If you want a quick delivery, then it is best to ask what is available that day. 

#5 Beato

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - Beato

Image Credit: Beato

Beato is the place if you want to find elegant funeral flowers designs. Even though the bereaved family may not pay attention to the beauty of the arrangement at first, eventually, they will see your effort to show your support and sympathy. 

The stands were made of wooden tripods, making them unique and personal. The designs are also set to make the flower arrangements look lush. Looking at this flower stand will definitely enhance the mood.

Beato Review

Their customers’ satisfaction is reflected by the stars on Google review. Most of their customers were satisfied with the arrangement design and customer service. If you need unique flower arrangement selections, then visiting Beato is the right decision. 

#6 Ferns N Petals

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - Ferns N Petals

Image Credit: fernsnpetals

Find affordable condolences flower stands at Fern N Petals. Their arrangements start from SGD 69 to SGD 149. The prices are perfect if you want to send condolences flowers as an individual.  

This flower shop has colourful flower arrangements on colourful bases as the stands. The selection of colours itself makes Fern N Petals perfect as your option for funeral ceremonies of any culture and religion. 

Ferns N Petals Review

The delivery service of this florist is excellent. Many customers expressed their satisfaction for the on time delivery on their review. However, it is always best to contact the florist even though you’ve already made a purchase online. This is to ensure that the delivery will be made at the right time. 

#7 Floral Garage

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - Floral Garage

Image Credit: Floral Garage

Send your heartfelt message with white and soft coloured flowers from Floral Garage. They have beautiful flower stands that convey the message of sympathy and purity. For a more traditional look of condolences flower stands, Floral Garage is your answer. You cannot go wrong with their floral arrangements.

Floral Garage Review

If you visit the website of Floral Garage, you will find a site that is easy to navigate. This excellent interface makes your purchasing process easy and fast. Besides that, they are highly praised for their customer service and punctuality. 

#8 Floristique

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - Floristique

Image Credit: Floristique

If you want more personal touch on your condolences flowers, visit Floristique. They have boutique styled floral arrangements that will make your message even more special. 

What makes it better, these flower arrangements areaffordably priced. Some floral arrangements even cost less than SGD 60. The prices and designs are perfect if you want to convey condolences to your relatives, friends, or colleagues.  

Floristique Review

Even though Floristique serves boutique styled floral arrangements, all of them are quiteaffordable. So, this is tihe go-to florist if you’re on a budget and want an arrangement that stands out. 

Floristique proves the quality of their service by getting high ratings on Google. It is worth the try to order from this florist if you want a different design for your condolence flowers stand.

#9 Funeral Florist

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - TFS Funeral Florist

Image Credit: TFS Funeral Florist

TFS Funerals Florist is your one-stop place for funerals and condolences flowers. You can find flower stands, cross wreaths, heart-shaped wreaths, casket sprays, funeral plants, condolence flower bouquets, and funeral urn flowers. 

You can help the family who lost their loved one by delivering the flower arrangements that they need. By offering them to order the funeral flowers, the grieving family will feel supported during their difficult time.

TFS Funeral Florist Review

This florist is an expert for condolence flowers. Their same day delivery service is much appreciated by their customers. For families who lost their loved one, having a one-stop service for all funeral flowers is helpful. 

You can contact them to order funeral and sympathy flower arrangements. They will immediately attend your needs and deliver the arrangements on the same day. 

#10 Hazel Florist & Gifts

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - Hazel Florist & Gifts

Image Credit: Hazel Florist & Gifts

Hazel Florist & Gifts collections are great if you want to deliver artisan sympathy flowers to your relatives, friends, colleagues, and business associates. 

They have a wide range of condolence flowers selection and sentiment blankets. You will find an arrangement that fits your message and budget at this store. Besides that, their flower stand designs are pretty generic, making them perfect for funerals from any culture or religion.  

Hazel Florist & Gifts Review

This is the florist you are looking for if you need a fast condolences flower delivery. Most of their customers gave positive feedback for their fast response and delivery service. 

#11 Hilton Gifts Collection

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - Hilton Gifts Collection

Image Credit: Hilton Gifts Collections

The designs of funeral arrangements from the Hilton Gifts Collection are primarily blue, white, and yellow.These colours are perfect for conveying the messages of sympathy, remembrance, and support. 

You can get a condolence flower wreath or stand and deliver it to the bereaved ones across Singapore. Do not forget to add a heartfelt message to your flower arrangement. 

Hilton Gifts Collection Review

If you prefer to have a wide selection of condolence wreaths or stands, consider ordering from HGC. Make sure to contact them before placing your order to ensure the availability. 

#12 Humming

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - Humming

Image Credit: Humming

Give comfort in times of grief by sending condolence wreaths or stands. Condolences flower arrangements from Humming Singapore are bright and colourful, and  will remind the bereaved family that you’ll keep their loved ones in good memories. 

Humming Review

Reading through the customer reviews, you can find some returning customers. That says a lot about the customer service and product quality of this florist. Humming is also recommended for fulfilling last minute orders, like a condolence wreath. 

#13 NOEL

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - NOEL

Image Credit: NOEL

Even though their designs lean towards a more traditional style, the combination of colours and ornaments makes their flower arrangements look bright and exciting.  The flower stands from Noel are a great addition to a funeral ceremony to convey the message of support and sympathy. 

All their condolence flower stands are relatively affordable. With this florist, you won’t have to worry about the budget if you’re planning to send flowers.

NOEL Review

This is another top rated florist in Singapore. Not only do they have great quality products, but their customers are also satisfied with their customer service. If you need a specific request for your sympathy arrangement and you want it to be delivered on time, then NOEL is the right florist for you. 

#14 Wreath Gallery

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - Wrealth Gallery

Image Credit: Wreath Gallery

Find the perfect condolence and funeral flowers from the experts. Wreath Gallery is a florist shop that specialises in condolence wreaths and stands. You can also find coffin top arrangements that represent gentleness, compassion, and grace. 

They also provide a same-day delivery service within Singapore which will make your purchasing process more manageable as funerals usually happen suddenly. 

Wreath Gallery Review

With good customer service and as an expert on funeral flowers, Wreath Gallery does deserve the 5 stars reviews. They have various options of funeral and sympathy flowers. You can even find the colourful arrangements, yet still proper for a funeral occasion. 

#15 Xpressflower

Best Condolence Flowers in Singapore - Xpressflower

Image Credit: Xpressflower

You can find flower arrangements for any occasion on this website, including for funerals. Xpressflower offers condolence flower wreaths and stands with a variety of designs. They have flower arrangements that are traditional and modern in colour and design for you to choose from. 

To get the best result, you can narrow your search by price range, recipients, and colours. Xpressflower also delivers during weekdays and weekends, so make sure you pay attention to the time slots. 

Xpressflower Review

Many customers expressed their satisfaction with their shopping experience. From ordering to delivery, you will get a seamless experience. It is no wonder they have gotten  many 5 stars from their customers’ reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About Condolence Flowers

What Flowers Are Best For Condolence Flowers?

All flowers can be condolence flowers, especially the ones with white colour. Some of the most common flowers to convey the message of sympathy are lilies, gladiolas, chrysanthemums, and daisies. 

Is It Better To Send A Bouquet Or Stand To A Bereaved Family?

People usually order a flower stand if it is under the name of an institution, organization, or family. Individuals usually send a bouquet of condolence flowers. 

However, there is no rule on sending flowers. What’s more important is the message conveyed and the support given to the grieving family. 

Can I Get Same-Day Delivery For Condolence Flowers In Singapore?

There are many florists in Singapore that provide same-day delivery islandwide, including Well Live Florist and Windflower. You can check their websites for information and flower arrangements selection. 

What Can I Do To Support A Grieving Family Member?

There are several things that you can do when your relatives, friends, or colleagues are grieving. Here are some of them:

– sending flowers with a sincere message,

– being there for them and listening to them,

– lending a hand when they need help, and

– checking in on them when you can. 

You will remind the grieving family members that they have your support and sympathy by doing the above points. 

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