20 Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore

Are you considering a divorce but you’re worried about the costs and lawyer fees? If so, are you thinking if engaging a divorce lawyer is worth the money?

Filing for a divorce without engaging a divorce lawyer is possible and would certainly involve fewer costs. However, this also means that the responsibility falls on you and your spouse to: 

  • comply with the formal rules and technical process of the Court,
  • prepare all necessary divorce papers and documents, and
  • communicate with the Judge during court sessions.

On top of those responsibilities, you will also not be able to discuss your options with a professional in the legal field. 

Divorces are often stressful, difficult and emotionally draining. As such, it is advisable to engage a good divorce lawyer to objectively guide you through the divorce procedures, especially if a contested divorce is anticipated due to the lengthier and more complex proceedings. 

Here are 20 best divorce lawyers in Singapore who can help you through your divorce process and court proceedings by providing objective, reliable and accessible legal advice.

Special Mentions In Alphabetical Order

#1 Tembusu Law LLC

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Tembusu Law LLC
Speciality Contested And Uncontested Divorce
Matrimonial Assets
Family Violence
Spousal And Child Maintenance
Deed Of Separation
Website https://www.tembusulaw.com/expertise/family-law/
Address 11 Keng Cheow St, #02-05 The Riverside Piazza, Singapore 059608
Contact details Call: +65 6974 0068
Fax:+65 6974 0069
Email: info@tembusulaw.com
24-hr Hotline: +65 8886 0278
Operating hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm

Tembusu Law LLC is a Singapore-based law firm dedicated to assisting clients and driven by a calling to serve a higher cause.

They’re not talking about having a clear goal that solely focuses on how to create commercial value for you or your company.

Tembusu Law’s higher aim is not concerned with economic exchanges. It reflects and symbolizes their ideals, goals, and aspirations.

They have a higher level of purpose and they also boast an informational YouTube channel that has a wide range of videos educating the public about legal matters.

#2 SingaporeFamilyLawyer.com

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - SingaporeFamilyLawyer.com
SpecialityContested And Uncontested Divorce
Deed Of Separation
Matrimonial Assets
Spousal And Child Maintenance
Child Custody
Family Violence
Address11 Keng Cheow St, #02-05 The Riverside Piazza, Singapore 059608
Contact detailsCall: +65 6974 0068
Fax:+65 6974 0069
Email: info@singaporefamilylawyer.com
24-hr Hotline: +65 8886 0278
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9am – 6pm

SingaporeFamilyLawyer.com is a team of expert Divorce and Family Law practitioners who are attentive, understanding, and focused on helping you understand your rights and options and ultimately make better decisions in the best interests of your family and loved ones. 

Brought to you by the people of Tembusu Law LLC, SingaporeFamilyLawyer.com is devoted to listening to you and using their broad expertise to assess your options, so that you can have a peace of mind throughout your divorce process. 

More importantly, SingaporeFamilyLawyer.com is determined to provide legal help at affordable and competitive fees with flexible pricing such as instalment payment plans and packages. 

SingaporeFamilyLawyer.com is currently offering a free case assessment and diagnosis worth $500. 

#3 TheSingaporeLawyer.com 

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - The Singapore Lawyer
SpecialityContested Divorce
Uncontested Divorce
Personal Protection Order (PPO)
Child Custody Rights
Division Of Matrimonial Asset
Children & Spousal Maintenance
Address11 Keng Cheow St, #02-05 The Riverside Piazza, Singapore 059608
Contact detailsCall: +65 8886 0278
Fax: +65 6974 0069
Email: info@singaporefamilylawyer.com
24-hr Hotline: +65 8886 0278
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9am – 6pm

TheSingaporeLawyer.com is a team of skilled divorce lawyers who have been offering free consultation on divorce law in Singapore since 2016. As accredited divorce lawyers in Singapore, the team is dedicated to help you understand family law and provide the best possible legal advice. 

TheSingaporeLawyer.com understands that the process of planning a divorce can be an emotional and life-changing experience, and those unfamiliar with it are likely to find it challenging. The team is committed to provide you with honest advice, guidance and representations with absolute confidentiality and empathy. 

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore (In Alphabetical Order)

#4 AC Shone & Co

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - AC Shone & Co
SpecialityDivorce And Separation
Cross-Border Family Conflict
Children Disputes
Financial Disputes And Property Settlements
Address24 Raffles Place #21-03, Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621
Contact detailsCall: +65 6225 4456
Email: Info@ACShone.com
Operating hours

Founded by Mrs Aye Cheng Shone, A C Shone & Co is a law firm that aims to provide a sensitive yet authoritative approach by providing expert advice based on your unique circumstances. 

The firm understands that transnational marriages are becoming more common, and as such, it is prepared to represent clients across Singapore and internationally who are embarking on a divorce case or separation. Particularly, the firm has collaborated and is now in a strategic partnership and alliance with a specialist family law firm based in Australia. 

#5 Bonsai Law Corporation

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Bonsai Law Corporation
SpecialityContested divorce
Uncontested divorce
Personal Protection Orders (PPO)
Address1 North Bridge Road, #08-08 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
Contact detailsCall: 6550 6359
Email: shenhan@bonsailaw.com.sg
Operating hours

Bonsai Law Corporation is a law company that aims to provide legal support to individuals who need effective solutions at fixed prices. The company encompasses several practice areas including family law and is equipped to help clients with their divorce processes. 

The company places great emphasis on ensuring their fees are affordable, citing their efforts to lower costs, which include prioritising expenses on technology instead of premium office locations with excessive overhead. 

#6 DMO Law Corporation

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore. - DMO Law Corporation
Matrimonial assets
Child custody
Family violence
Address5 Coleman Street, Excelsior Shopping Centre, #03-10, Singapore 179805
Contact detailsEmail: desmond@dmolaw.com.sg
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 11am – 5pm
Sat: 11am – 2pm

DMO Law Corporation is a law firm founded by Desmond Ong, an Advocate & Solicitor registered with the Supreme Court of Singapore. The firm takes pride in having their skilled lawyer, Desmond himself, personally guide their clients through the divorce process to ensure a painless and fuss free experience. 

The firm offers transparent pricing for their various services on their website, no hidden fees, as well as fixed price packages for divorce cases that meet the stipulated conditions. This way, clients will not be caught off guard. This is one of the best law firms to approach if you want to be very clear about how much you will be spending. 

#7 Gloria James-Civetta & Co

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Gloria James-Civetta & Co
Division Of Assets
Spousal Maintenance
Child Issues (Custody And Support)
Address3 Church Street #15-04, Samsung Hub, Singapore 049483
Contact detailsCall: +65 6337 0469
Fax: +65 6337 0463
Email: consult@gjclaw.com.sg
Operating hours

Gloria James-Civetta & Co (“GJC Law”) is a law firm based in Singapore that is made up of 12  legal experts who specialise in a wide range of areas including Family Law matters. Aiming to help expedite their clients’ divorce proceedings and resolve complicated financial disputes, GJC Law bis not quick to rule out alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as negotiation, collaborative divorce, and mediation. 

The firm believes that their team of matrimonial lawyers offers several significant benefits for their clients. These include various areas of expertise, consistent legal coverage and wide access to resources.

#8 Godwin Campos LLC

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Godwin Compos LLC
Child Custody
Division Of Assets
Address160 Robinson Road, #14-06, SBF Center Singapore 068914
Contact detailsCall: +65 6535 1306Fax: +65 6542 2018
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat: 10am – 12pm (by appointment only)

Established in 2003, Godwin Campos LLC specialises in family law and boasts an excellent track record and multiple industry awards. Specifically for divorces, the firm prides itself on its over 90% success rate in completing divorces for its clients. 

The divorce law firm recognises the unique nature of each divorce and is determined to provide customised strategic solutions for each case. Clients can be assured that Mr Campos, who possesses more than 30 years of experience, will oversee their case personally, starting from the very first consultation. 

#9 Grace Law LLC

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Grace Law LLC
Child custody
Address151 Chin Swee Road, #13-15, Manhattan House, Singapore 169876
Contact detailsTel:  6220 6364
Fax:  6220 4364
Email: info@gracem.com.sg
Operating hoursMon – Fri : 9am – 5:30pm

Formerly known as Grace M & Associates, Grace Law LLC is a Singapore based law firm that believes in justice and dedication to all clients regardless of case size. It is principally managed by Ms Grace M, who has fought cases in the Family Courts and Syariah Court , among others. 

With almost 40 years of legal experience, the firm serves clients from all walks of life. Specifically for divorce proceedings, divorce lawyers of Grace Law LLC boast about 20 years of experience in representing local and international clients. It prides itself in proposing practical solutions tailored to clients’ circumstances at an affordable rate.

#10 Harry Elias Partnership LLP

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Harry Elias Partnership LLP
SpecialityContested And Uncontested Divorces
Custody Disputes
Division Of Matrimonial Assets
Maintenance Issues
Syariah Divorces
Address4 Shenton Way, SGX Centre 2, #17-01, Singapore 068807
Contact detailsCall: +65 6535 0550
Fax: +65 6438 0550
Email: enquiries@harryelias.com
Operating hours

Founded in 1988 by the late Mr Harry Elias who was widely recognised as “one of Singapore’s foremost litigation lawyers”, Harry Elias Partnership LLP started off as a 3-man litigation law firm. Now, it has evolved into a well-reputed multi-disciplinary law company with extensive practice areas including family and divorce. 

The firm takes pride in having the largest number of divorce lawyers in Singapore, as well as having handled the largest number of cases in the Family Justice Courts. Despite their multiple accolades, client satisfaction remains the relentless pursuit of Harry Elias Partnership LLP. It strives to achieve excellent outcomes for clients through passion, good leadership, empowerment, and responsibility.

#11 IRB Law LLP

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - IRB Law LLP
Prenuptial Agreements
Custody / Care Control
AddressMultiple locations islandwide
Contact detailsCall: +65 6298 2537 / +65 8903 9568 / +65 9860 7054 / +65 9485 7065Fax: +65 6298 2547
Email: hello@irblaw.com.sg
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9:30am – 6pm
Sat – Sun: 9:30am – 1pm

IRB Law LLP is a firm of dedicated lawyers with a focus on trust, integrity, and transparency for all their clients. With over 50 experienced lawyers, the firm covers a significant range of service areas including family law. It also boasts Singapore’s largest Syariah law practice making it one of the best law firms in Singapore for Muslim clients. 

IRB Law LLP is committed to offer its clients top-quality legal services at affordable prices by leveraging on technology and falling costs of information. It is also dedicated to explore all possible outcomes and deal with divorce cases constructively to reach an amicable agreement between all parties, with court proceedings being the last resort.

#12 Lam & Co 

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Lam & Co
SpecialityContested Divorces
Uncontested Divorces
International Divorces
Address24 Raffles Place #28-00 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621
Contact detailsCall: (65) 65351800
Email: lamnco@lamnco.com
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9:30am – 5:30pm

Lam & Co is a law company specialising in divorce, though it also offers services in other practice areas. Founded by Mr Philip Lam who has been practicing law for more than 25 years, the firm aims to serve clients in a friendly and approachable manner so as to build rapport and provide clients with the best solution for their circumstances. 

In particular, Lam & Co is familiar with international aspects of Singapore divorce law and have represented international clients. The dedicated divorce lawyers of the firm are also prepared to work with foreign lawyers to achieve their client’s objectives.

#13 Lie Chin Chin Family Practice Team

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Lie Chin Chin Family Practice Team
Child custody
Address51 Goldhill Plaza, #10-01, Singapore 308900
Contact detailsCall: (65) 6298 8388
Email: hello@characterist.com
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat – Sun: Closed

Lie Chin Chin Family Practice Team is a family law firm with 25 years of experience. Led by Lie Chin Chin, a senior lawyer with decades of experience in family law practice, the firm aims to combine its broad expertise with good character so as to be a catalyst of positive change for their clients. 

The firm is committed to guide clients through a smooth-sailing process and deliver valuable legal solutions while minimising costs of protracted litigation for their clients. Lie Chin Chin Family Practice also boasts an international network, making them well-versed to assist clients with international family law cases. 

#14 Ng Pui Khim (PKNG)

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Ng Pui Khim (PKNG)
SpecialityChild Maintenance
Spousal Maintenance
Custody, Care And Control Of Children, And Access
Division Of Matrimonial Assets
Variation Of Existing Maintenance Orders
Address39 Robinson Road #20-03, Robinson Point, Singapore 068911
Contact detailsCall: 6323 1261
Email: puikhim.ng@gateway-law.com 
Operating hours9am to 6pm

With over 20 years of experience in handling divorces in Singapore, PKNG strives to provide their clients with quality and efficient legal services and build strong working relationships with them. The team is headed by Ng Pui Khim, a senior female divorce lawyer with over 20 years of private practice experience in various areas including divorces (family and matrimonial law). 

With integrity and professionalism, the family lawyers of PKNG have represented clients in matrimonial matters such as divorce, child custody, maintenance and division of matrimonial assets. The team places great emphasis on clear communication to ensure clients understand the impact of applicable laws and are aware of their legal rights and obligations.

#15 PKWA Law Practice LLC

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - PKWA Law Practice LLC
SpecialityContested Divorce
Uncontested Divorce
Wills And Probate
Address480 Lorong 6, Toa Payoh #16-00, HDB Hub East Wing, Singapore 310480
Contact detailsCall: (+65) 6397 6100
Fax: (+65) 6397 6103
Email: mail@pkwalaw.com
Operating hours

PKWA Law Practice LLC prides itself as one of the largest specialist family law firms in Singapore. Renowned for their excellent work, the team of family lawyers in the firm are well-versed in dealing with the highly personal nature of divorce matters in a sensitive manner. 

PKWA Law Practice LLC is dedicated to keeping their rates affordable, clear and transparent with fixed divorce fees for both contested divorce and uncontested divorce. Its Uncontested Divorce Free Packages are among the most affordable in Singapore, making it one of the more attractive packages for divorces that are amicable. 

#16 Populus Law Corporation

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Populus Law Corporation
SpecialityUncontested Divorce Proceedings
Uncontested Annulment Proceedings
Drafting Of Deed Of Separation, Marital Agreements And Prenuptial Agreements
Contested Divorce Proceedings
Personal Protection Order Applications And Defence
AddressHavelock II, 2 Havelock Road, #05-14 Singapore 059763
Contact detailsCall: +65 9008 3740Email: john@populuslaw.com.sg
Operating hours

Promising its clients affordable and prompt service, the family law team at Populus Law Corporation offer a “nett fixed-price package” without any hidden costs and are accessible to clients at any time of the day via instant messaging applications.

Prospective clients can be assured that the family law team at Populus Law Corporation possess valuable experience from conducting thousands of family cases. 

#17 R Kalamohan Law LLC

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - R Kalamohan Law LLC
SpecialityUncontested Divorce
Contested Divorce (including High Networth)
Local And Expat Contested Custody Cases
Ancillary Matters (including Children Custody, Assets Preservation & Maintenance)
Address101A Upper Cross Street, #09-17 People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058358
Contact detailsCall: (+65) 6227 9377
​Fax: (+65) 6227 8098
Email: enquiry@kalamohan.com
Operating hours

Established in 1985, R Kalamohan Law LLC has a history and strong presence in the Singapore Legal field, especially with the Indian Community. Led by R Kalamohan, who has over three decades of experience as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore, the firm has handled thousands of satisfied clients in all areas of the law, including Family Law. 

#18 Rajan Chettiar LLC – Advocates & Solicitors

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Rajan Chettiar LLC - Advocates & Solicitors
SpecialityChild Support / Maintenance
Syariah Divorce (for Muslim Marriages)
Deed Of Separation
Domestic Violence — Personal Protection And Exclusion Orders
Financial And Property Settlement
Address1 North Bridge Road #08-08 High Street Centre Singapore 179094
Contact detailsCall: (65) 6533 6451
Email: rajan@rajanchettiar.com
Operating hours

Rajan Chettiar LLC a team of experienced, dedicated, caring and decisive lawyers committed to provide discerning and decisive resolutions for their clients. The team covers a range of practice areas including domestic family practice, which includes Syariah divorce cases for Muslim marriages. 

Expatriates and foreigners living in Singapore can engage Rajan Chettiar LLC for their divorce cases as the firm also undertakes international family practice, especially for clients from the Asia and Asia Pacific region. 

#19 SGDivorceLawyer.com

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - SGDivorceLawyer.com
SpecialityDivorce – Contested or Uncontested
Financial Settlements
Assets and Property
Children Custody
Family Law 
Address133 New Bridge Road, #23-06/08, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Contact detailsCall: +65 6850 5411
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 9am to 6pm

As its name suggests, the Singapore Divorce Lawyer is a practised divorce lawyer with over 28 years of experience. The lawyer is determined to ensure that clients’ affairs are dealt with efficiently and effectively and that clients are fully aware of their rights. For the latter, the lawyer is prepared to avoid using legal jargon to explain legal matters to their clients, and instead explain it in plain English. 

The Singapore Divorce Lawyer also reveals her personal and sensitive touch through her dedication to help clients achieve peace of mind to allow them to rebuild their personal lives after the marriage ends. 

#20 Yeo & Associates LLC

Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore - Yeo & Associates LLC
SpecialityContested And Uncontested Divorce
Separation / Prenuptial Agreement
Annulment / Divorce Within 3 Years Of Marriage
Maintenance / Alimony 
Personal Protection And Domestic Exclusion
Address101A Upper Cross Street #12-13, People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058358
Contact detailsCall: +65 6220 3400
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9am – 7pm
Sat: 1pm – 6pm

Led by advocate and solicitor Beatrice Yeo Poh Tiang, Yeo & Associates LLC is a firm specialising in divorce and family law. The team of 8 Singapore divorce lawyers offers a wide range of family law legal services to address their clients’ needs and budget. Their services range from divorce to mediation as well as ancillary matters.

Prospective clients can be assured that they will be in the hands of good divorce lawyers given the multiple accolades the firm has received including Best Full-Service Family Law Firm from Acquisition International 2016 M&A Awards. 

There you have it, 19 good divorce lawyers in Singapore who have been trained to guide you through the divorce case smoothly! We have also consolidated a list of other types of lawyers in Singapore such as criminal lawyers, corporate lawyers and litigation lawyers.


How Much Does A Divorce Cost In Singapore?

A divorce is estimated to cost anywhere between $1,500 all the way to $20,000. The reason for the huge variation is because uncontested divorce is very clear cut, whereby both parties agree on the terms. However, a contested divorce usually requires a lawyer to represent you in court, which would explain upwards of $20,000 in the cost.

Do You Need A Reason To Get A Divorce?

Under Singapore’s divorce law, generally, the only possible ground for divorce is the “irretrievable breakdown of your marriage”. In order to prove that your marriage has “broken down irretrievably,” you must show at least one of the following facts:

Unreasonable behaviour
Desertion of 2 years
Separation for 3 years with a spouse’s consent
Separation for 4 years

What Is The Process Of Divorce In Singapore?

In a civil divorce in Singapore, a divorce entails two stages:

Stage 1: The dissolution of the marriage

In this stage, an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage must be proven in order for the Court to grant an interim judgement to dissolve the marriage, whereupon the proceedings will proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2: Ancillary Matters

After dissolving the marriage, matters regarding children, maintenance and matrimonial assets are discussed.

Are Divorce And Annulment The Same Thing?

Although both divorce and annulment dissolve a marriage, they are different in that an annulment declares that a marriage never existed at all, while a divorce ends a marriage without denying its previous existence.

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