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10 Best Flower Subscription Services In Singapore

Decorating your office, store, or even home with fresh flowers is the best way to gain more positive energy. The problem is getting fresh flowers regularly can be a handful. That’s why there are monthly flower subscription services in Singapore!

Find the best flower subscription services in Singapore below. With affordable flower subscription services in Singapore, you won’t need to worry about overspending on flowers!

Special Mentions In Alphabetical Order

We hope our recommendation helps you to find the best and most affordable flower subscription services in Singapore. All the florists listed below are ready to deliver fresh flowers to your doorstep.

#1 Urban Meadow Flowers

Image Credit: Urban Meadow Flowers

With Urban Meadow Flowers, you can choose if you want to get your flowers weekly or bi-weekly. There are reasons why flower subscription services from Urban Meadow Flowers are worth considering.

They are affordable, they deliver fresh flowers from local markets and they offer free delivery to most parts of Singapore. All you need to do is pick the size, set your delivery time, and complete your purchase.

Selections And Price

You can pick one from these options:
– Small Subscription: $185
– Medium Subscription: $295
– Large Subscription: $385

Another thing you need to know is, this flower subscription is also available as a gift. You can include a message to your recipient when purchasing the subscription online.

Best Flower Subscription Services In Singapore In Alphabetical Order

#2 Bloomeys

Image Credit: Bloomeys

Get seasonal blooms delivered to your doorstep with Bloomeys. What’s interesting about Bloomeys is that their subscription packages come in various themes and sizes. So, you can pick the arrangement theme that suits your mood or business concept.

Selections And Price

You’ll get to choose from these selections along with the frequency of delivery: 

  • Petite Jar (Small)

One-Off:  S$50

Monthly: S$192

Fortnightly: S$180

Weekly: S$160

  • Classic (Medium)

One-Off:  S$88

Monthly: S$320

Fortnightly: S$280

Weekly: S$240

  • Glamorous (Large)

One-Off:  S$150

Monthly: S$560

Fortnightly: S$520

Weekly: S$480

For your information, all subscriptions come in four jars or bouquets and are prepaid. You will get a vase for the first delivery, and the subsequent ones are wrapped in paper.

#3 Fleuriste

Image Credit: Fleuriste

The freshest flowers for your home and business place are ready for delivery with Fleuriste. By subscribing to Fleuriste, you will get floral arrangements in boutique style. The flowers will give your home or workplace a calm and elegant aesthetic.

Selections And Price

Basically, you’ll just need to pick the size of the flower arrangements that you want.

  • Small arrangements: $60 per delivery
  • Regular arrangements: $80 per delivery
  • Premium arrangements: $150 per delivery

The first delivery will be in a jar and the subsequent deliveries will be in a bouquet form. You can request for a jar for the subsequent deliveries if you pre-arrange your order before.

#4 Floral Garage

Image Credit: Floral Garage

You can have monthly floral subscriptions that suit your mood with Floral Garage. Set your mood for the whole week with the perfect floral theme from Floral Garage. Pick the size and theme when purchasing online. You will also get a sachet of plant food to keep your flowers fresh until the next delivery.

Selections And Price

Find out more about offers from Floral Garage on the following list.


The dominant red and pink brighten up your working space, room, or store.

Petite: $160

Standard: $280

Deluxe: $480


The designs for this theme are dominated by pastel colours, white, and blue. This flower arrangement will give you a calming effect to destress during hectic hours.

Petite: $160

Standard: $280

Deluxe: $480

#5 Flower Addict

Image Credit: Flower Addict

At Flower Addict, you can get fresh blooms for you to arrange or lovely bouquets to put in a vase directly. If you prefer an arrangement from a florist, then you can choose the bouquet.

The good thing about subscribing to Flower Addict is they offer free delivery and a free vase. So, you only need to sit and wait in comfort for your flowers to arrive.

Selections And Price

Here is the selection of themes that you can choose from Flower Addict.

Style Yourself

Dainty: $89 per delivery

Pleasure: $109 per delivery

Indulgence: $129 per delivery


Dainty: $99 per delivery

Pleasure: $119 per delivery

Indulgence: $139 per delivery

Prepay your subscription for 3 months to get 5% off and 6 months to get 10% off. You will also get a flexible subscription package since you can pay-as-you-go or cancel anytime.

#6 FreshBlooms

Image Credit: FreshBlooms

What people like from FreshBlooms are their flower subscription selections. You can choose a weekly or bi-weekly subscription. For you who prefer foliage or one-type flower arrangement, FreshBlooms has the selections.

Selections And Price

Get the fresh blooms weekly or bi-weekly. Pick the theme you want for your arrangements.


Classic: $48.04 per week

Grand: $69.44 per week

Mono botanical classic: $39.48 per week

Mono botanical grand: $64.09 per week


Classic: $51.25 per week

Grand: $76.93 per week

Botanico Foliage: $31.99 per week

All the above prices are inclusive of tax. Besides being the perfect decoration for your house or workplace, these floral arrangements also make lovely gifts for your loved ones.

#7 Little Flower Hut

Image Credit: Little Flower Hut

You will love affordable flower subscriptions from Little Flower Hut where prices start from $39 per bouquet. Besides that, you can enjoy a flexible subscription plan with flexible payment. You can pay for a fixed duration, ongoing, or one bouquet at a time.

Selections And Price

Get a creative floral bouquet from their selections to freshen up your home.

  • Premium Floral: $50 per week
  • Deluxe Floral: $80 per week

Little Flower Hut provides free delivery across Singapore. You simply need to choose your package and delivery times.

If you check on their reviews, you will find that their past customers were satisfied with the floral designs and on-time delivery. So, you can expect the same things from this florist.

#8 Little Red Dot Florist

Image Credit: Little Red Dot Florist

Choose a flower subscription for you or your loved one at Little Red Dot Florist. Choose the plan that suits your needs and enjoy fresh blooms every week.

If you have pets, you can ask for pet safe bouquets. You can also contact their florist team if you have a special request.

Selections And Price

Receive a pleasant surprise from Little Red Dot Florist by choosing the plan that is perfect for you.

  • The classic plan: $83 per delivery
  • The trending plan: $113 per delivery
  • The modern plan: $163 per delivery 

In the event that you have to leave for a business trip or vacation and won’t be at home to receive the flowers, you can pause your subscription. Once you are back, you can resume your subscription.

#9 The Floral Atelier

Image Credit: The Floral Atelier

If you like modern style vase arrangements, then you can check out The Floral Atelier. They have three different styles that will add modern aesthetics to your home decoration.

The minimum subscription for the flowers from The Floral Atelier is one month. You can pick the duration from one month to 12 months subscription.

Selections And Price

Find your style from this selection and enjoy the benefits of lower prices during the duration of the subscription plan.

  • Modern vase arrangements: $150 per month
  • Bouquet vase arrangements: $245 per month
  • Petit bloom boxes: $165 per month

To save more, you can add a bundle when subscribing. The bundle comes with curated champagne and a scented candle.

#10 Yi Lian Ng Floral Atelier

Image Credit: Yi Lian Ng

If you want boutique-style flower arrangements, then Yi Lian Ng has something for you. In addition to choosing the delivery frequency, you can also pick your preferred colour palette. Their florists will arrange your flowers based on your colour preference.

Selections And Price

Trust Yi Lian Ng for the floral arrangements. All you have to do is just choose the size of your package.

  • Small: $425
  • Medium: $575
  • Large: $687

All the prices above are for a 3 months subscription, as that is their minimum subscription period.

Conclusion About Best Flower Subscription Services In Singapore

Did you find a suitable flower subscription service that fits your aesthetic and budget? The florist recommendations above should be put under your consideration for the best flower subscription services in Singapore. 

It is better to choose a florist that gives you options for delivery frequency and sizes. This way, you can have a flower subscription that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flower Subscription

Why Do People Use Flower Subscription Service?

Having a flower subscription is a great way to get fresh flowers regularly. Business places such as restaurants, offices, and beauty parlours usually use fresh flowers to decorate their front spaces. 

Fresh flowers will also make the space look more beautiful and welcoming.

What Should I Do To Make My Flowers Stay Fresh Longer?

Changing the water daily is a crucial thing to do to keep your flowers fresh. Also, do not forget to cut the base part of the stems if they have become brown or dark green.

Do I Get A Vase For The Flowers?

Most florists will give you a vase on the first delivery. It is best to check with the florist before confirming the subscription. The size of the vase varies depending on the size of the flower package that you subscribe to.

Can I Send The Flowers For Someone Else?

Of course, you can send flowers to someone else by using the flower subscription service. For example, at Urban Meadow Flowers, you will find that they allow the customers to send the flower subscription as a gift.

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