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12 Best Private Investigators in Singapore

There are many cases in our lives where we may need help from investigators. People hire a private investigator to find out someone’s whereabouts, identity, collect evidence of fraud, and investigate cheating spouses.

Here are the 12 best private investigators in Singapore that can help put your mind at ease in uncertain circumstances.

Special Mentions Best Private Investigators in Singapore

#1 International Investigators

Image Credit: International Investigators

This is an investigator company you can come to for various cases, such as commercial, family, and many more. They also provide legal advice to help you find a solution that requires legal action.

International Investigators has an extensive network to facilitate their investigations in Singapore and overseas. Price-wise, their prices are reasonable, and they are committed to charging transparent fees with no hidden cost.

International Investigators Review

If you read the reviews from their past clients, you will find a lot of positive feedback that shows the quality of their service. They will answer all reviews on Google, both the positive and negative ones. This action shows the integrity of the company to give excellent customer service.

Here are some of the reviews from their past clients.

My company has been harassed by suspected competitors for months. International Investigators did a great job by establishing the identities of the culprits, and justice was done eventually. Many thanks!” -Rino Buc-

“Professional services at affordable fees. Did excellent due diligence and background check on my potential business partner.” -Bryan Joe-


Image Credit: CS INTL

Cheating Spouse International (CS INTL) has solved thousands of cheating cases. This private investigator is experienced in handling various matrimonial and family cases.

Even though they are known to solve cheating cases in Singapore, CS INTL also provide many other services. Some of the services include crime investigation, finding missing persons, monitoring, background checks on individuals, and case research for attorneys.

CS INTL Review

The best thing about CS INTL is the free consultation. You can visit the CS INTL website and request a free consultation before moving forward with an investigation. This way, you can be sure of your situation and determine what kind of investigation you need.

Best Private Investigators in Singapore

Besides the above private investigators, there are also other companies that provide investigation services for various cases. Below are the investigator companies with positive reviews on the internet.

#3 AK Global Investigation

Image Credit: AK Global Investigation

You can approach AK Global Investigation if you intend to investigate individuals or a company. They will treat your case carefully with high regard for confidentiality. They also have the network to support an overseas investigation. So, in the event that your case is challenged by distance and time difference, you have nothing to worry about.

Their services cover various types of cases, such as matrimonial, family surveillance, and commercial investigation. They are also able to provide surveillance and monitoring services and devices such as surveillance counters, legal spy cameras, and GPS trackers. You can request an anti-spy bug detector service if you are worried about the threat of illegal spy cams.

AK Global Investigation Review

With the high-quality service, this investigator company has positive reviews. Some of the reviews can be found on Google from their past clients.

“I got a good and quality from this investigator agency. Their spy camera was installed at the right angle and the evidence I collected helps me a lot to prove my staff is leaking out our company blueprint to the competitor.” -Gary Tantk-

#4 Asia Top Investigation

Image Credit: Asia Top Investigation

As one of the best private investigation services, Asia Top Investigation has a team of professional investigators that will handle your case carefully.

Their services include matrimonial investigation, commercial investigation, digital forensics, general and litigation investigations, and anty-spy smartphone detection. You can count on their credibility because they have the right technology to run any mission given to them.

Asia Top Investigation Review

Asia Top Investigation is a high-rated private investigator in Singapore. It is not difficult to find positive reviews on Google about their services. Below are some of the comments from their past clients.

“Please thank your surveillance team for a good job. The investigation is conducted is a very discrete and professional manner.” -William Warant-

“Appreciate your prompt action. I m impressed with your professionalism. Your guys did a very good job and you are very prompt in replying my messages and calls. Thanks for all your help.” -Alan D-

#5 Baker Street Private Investigator

Image Credit: Baker Street Private Investigator

This private investigator office was founded by ex-police officers. So, their techniques in investigating are in line with the Singapore Police Force and Central Narcotics Bureau. Their collective experience and expertise allow them to use the most efficient manner in collecting evidence.

This private investigator serves both individuals and corporations. The investigation services they provide are matrimonial investigation, commercial investigation, surveillance, and legal investigation.

Baker Street Private Investigator Review

Baker Street Private Investigator has been included in some reviews for the best private investigators in Singapore. They have a team of professional investigators that are ready to cover various fields of investigation.

#6 CDiC Consultants

Image Credit: CDiC Consultants

This private investigation company provides services that cover various fields. Their services include matrimonial or family-related investigation, commercial investigation, intellectual property investigation, digital forensic, general investigation, and litigation support.

CDiC Consultants Review

CDiC is a high-rated private investigation firm with good reviews. They can provide 24 hours service to give their clients credible evidence to solve the case.

To get the right service from CDiC Consultants, you can contact them and discuss your case with them. All the information are kept confidential, so you can rest assured when discussing your case in detail.

#7 DP Quest Investigation Consultancy PTE LTD

Image Credit: DP Quest Investigation Consultancy PTE LTD

The services that are provided by DP Quest Investigation Consultancy include matrimonial and family investigation, commercial investigation, digital forensic, surveillance, and lawyer support.

You can count on their expertise as they have handled various cases over the years. They can help you to get background checks on your employee candidate or future spouse, catch the culprits behind cases like fraud, identity theft, and violation of intellectual property.

DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Review

When you type “best private investigator Singapore” to your search bar, do not be surprised that you will find this firm in some reviews. They are known to give quick investigation results to their past clients. That means you can save money and time in collecting evidence for any case.

#8 Kokusai

Image Credit: Kokusai

From the home page, we can see that their expertise is in catching a cheating spouse. However, Kokusai actually provides more services such as investigation for domestic violence, child custody, commercial, and finding a missing person.

They use technology to make their investigation process more efficient. Besides that, their helpline is open 24 hours. You can contact them anytime for immediate assistance.

Kokusai Review

They have been receiving five stars reviews for their client-oriented service. Here are some of the comments from their past clients as your reference.

“I highly recommend Kokusai. I looked for Dr Magnum after reading the good reviews and they are true. Dr Magnum works very hard for my case. He even respond at the wee of the night on the progress of the case. His price is fair.

He charge what I can afford and he puts in extra effort in to the case even though I did not pay as much. Dr Magnum is also very caring man. He gives his personal advice and provides a listening ear when I was at my lowest point. I recommend Kokusai to anyone who is looking for a Pl.” -John Doe-

“Top notch work by Mr magnum and his team, discreet and clever. I approached Mr Magnum on really short notice and he delivered instantaneous results.

Although I was initially afraid and hesitant to proceed, he gave me the confidence and trust, I didn’t regret my choice. Mr Magnum went out of his way to help and treated me with great kindness and generosity. Very grateful to him.” -Janice Song-

#9 Privateye Investigation & Consultancy Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Privateye Investigation & Consultancy Pte Ltd

Not only is Privateye a high-rated private investigator on Google, but their services are also affordable. So, it is possible for anyone from various backgrounds to benefit from their expertise.

Their services include commercial investigation, matrimonial investigation, digital forensics, background check, workman compensation investigation, general investigation, and surveillance services. If you require any of these services, you may consider engaging them.

Privateye Investigation and Consultancy Review

Here are some of the feedback from satisfied clients who have posted reviews on Google.

“Privateye provides excellent services and reliable PI agency.” -Carol Wang-

“Thanks for the speedy and professional investigation, letting me to locate the truth.” -Alex-

#10 Ranger Investigation & Security Services

Image Credit: Ranger Investigation & Security Services

Ranger Investigation & Security Services provides services that ensure your safety and solve your case. They are available for individual and domestic investigation, matrimonial investigation, as well as commercial and legal support. They also provide security personnel and security technology.

Ranger Investigation & Security Services Review

With more than 40 years of experience in investigation and security services, it is no surprise that they have efficient methods of collecting information for their clients.

Another great thing that helps the clients a lot is they open 24 hours. This makes them contactable anytime for assistance or to book a consultation.

#11 Resilient Investigations

Image Credit: Resilient Investigations

Resilient Investigations is a private investigator agency that provides various investigation services. You can approach them for various services such as matrimonial investigation, commercial investigation, digital forensics, and anty-spy detection service.

You can always have a consultation before going for an investigation with them. This consultation helps you to determine your situation, so the Resilient team can figure out the most efficient way to investigate your case.

Resilient Investigations Review

Even though there is no Google rating available, you can see some reviews from websites and blogs about this investigation service.

One of the strengths that are beneficial for clients is they are ready to go undercover to collect information. When hiring a private investigator from Resilient Investigations, you can be sure that they are dedicated to investigating cases for their clients. At the same time, as licensed private investigators, they know the limit so as to not harm the client.

#12 SK Investigation Private Limited

Image Credit: SK Investigation

As an investigations agency with decades of experience, SK Investigation has the credibility to conduct investigations for individuals and corporations. SK Investigation provides affordable private investigation services. That is why this is the right place if you have a budget for an investigation.

Their services cover all aspects of the investigation, such as DNA tests, polygraph tests, and even data recovery. They also take on cases involving matrimonial investigation, commercial investigation, financial fraud, and many more.

SK Investigation Private Limited Review

Most of their clients were satisfied with the service and the affordable costs. It is always a relief when you are not surprised by the hidden costs in a difficult situation. Here are some of the comments that their past clients left on Google.

“SK provides excellent and affordable investigation services , they simply know what they do, When you need a private investigator then you should consider them.” -Bob Mike-

“Sk private detectives are the best, I’m happy with the quality of services they provide. I highly recommend them if you need a private investigator Singapore based. their fees are reasonable as well” -Chee Ming Wee-

Conclusion About The Best Private Investigators In Singapore

After finding out these best private investigators in Singapore, we hope you can keep the information for future use.

It is always best to find a private investigation service with a reasonable price, no hidden costs, and excellent customer services, such as CS INTL and International Investigators. This way, you do not need to be in a more difficult situation because you did not pick the best private investigator.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Private Investigators In Singapore

Is It Worth It To Hire A Private Investigator?

Hiring a private investigator can be useful for various reasons. You can use their services to do a background check or to investigate a cheating partner. 

Are Private Investigators Legal In Singapore?

Private investigation is a legal service in Singapore. A private investigator must undergo training to get a licence.

Should I Hire A Private Investigator To Check If My Husband Is Cheating?

The best way to confirm if your spouse is cheating on you is by hiring a private investigator. The private investigator can provide evidence that you can use at court when needed.

How Do I Find A Private Investigator?

You can visit the website of a private investigator agency. With this article, we hope that you can find the best one.

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