14 Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore

Tingkat delivery service is a business that provides healthy meals delivery for their clients.  This service helps people who are not able to prepare proper and nutritious meals for themselves. 

If you are looking for catering with healthy and tasty meals, we recommend the 15 best tingkat delivery services in Singapore. By reading this information, we hope you can find a tingkat delivery service that suits your taste.

#1 Cucina Tingkat

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - Cucina Tingkat

Image Credit: Cucina

If you prefer to have healthy Chinese cuisine on your daily menu, you should check Cucina tingkat. Cucina tingkat meals are served in neat packages. They are clean and pleasant to see.

You can rest assured that the tingkat packages from Cucina are healthy, even suitable for the elders. They do not use MSG. They even only use little salt and oil. Even though the meals are healthy, they are still delicious.

Cucina Reviews

There are plenty of good things that come with Cucina tingkat. One of them is you do not have to commit for a long period. Their minimum commitment order is three days. This way, you can decide after three days whether to continue or not.

Another good news is they do not charge for delivery service. So, you can get your tingkat delivery service for less cost.

#2 Healthy Meals

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - Healthy Meals

Image Credit: Healthy Meals

If you are looking for an affordable tingkat delivery service, then you may want to check on Healthy Meals. This tingkat service makes sure you have nutritious and healthy meals, by only using natural ingredients. They do not use processed or canned food to prepare your tingkat package.

Healthy Meals Reviews

One thing that makes their clients happy was the portion of the food. They are generous with the amount of food they serve to the clients. Here is some of the comments from their clients.

“Food is generally flavourful with good variety. Recommended, value for $ and flexible service regards my requirements.” -Jocelyn Tan-

“Food portion was very generous and there was a good variety of dishes. Service are within expectations. Our family has been ordering from them for 3 months and we still enjoy the food.” -Malu Ker-

#3 Hewtop Catering Pte Ltd

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - Hewtop Catering Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Hewtop Catering

Hewtop Catering tingkat delivery service started in 1995. Now, they are developing themselves and ready to deliver nutritious tingkat packages nationwide.

To maintain the healthy quality of their food, they use 100% vegetable oil and less salt in the cooking process. They also have 96 tingkat menus, so you won’t get bored of the short menu rotation.

Hewtop Catering Reviews

Hewtop has categories of tingkat, bento, mini buffet, buffet, and high tea. You can try the bento or tingkat first for short period, then you can decide after.

We recommend you to read the review about the catering first before deciding, or contact Hewtop directly for any information. You can also ask them to exclude certain ingredients if necessary.

#4 Jessie Catering HMD

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - Jessie Catering HMD

Image Credit: Jessie Catering HMD

Another tingkat service that you need to check as a comparison. Jessie Catering HMD delivers healthy lunches and dinners, especially for adults who are too busy to prepare their meals properly.

You do not need to doubt their quality because Jessie Catering is registered with the National Environmental Agency and accredited by AJA Registrars & UKAS Management System.

Jessie Catering HMD Reviews

This catering is price-friendly, and they deliver to all areas of Singapore. Here are the comments from their clients.

“Fuss free inexpensive decent food. Easy to deal with. Simple home cooked. Got what I paid for!” -Gibson Chan-

“Jessie Catering HMD provides timely wholesome and balanced meals for me. Deferring and temporarily suspending the delivery is a breeze! The meals are value for money. I look forward to receiving the curry chicken and lor bah dishes, they are simply delicious!” -Goh Jun Yong-

#5 KCK Food Catering

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - KCK Food Catering

Image Credit: KCK Food Catering

Having a tingkat package for your dinner will give a peace of mind because you do not have to think about preparing your meals after work. You can check KCK Food Catering and see how they can deliver tingkat menus to your doorstep.

KCK Food Catering Reviews

Tingkat delivery at KCK Food Catering is affordable. They also give generous food per portion. No wonder if many of their past clients left positive feedback about these factors.

“Value for money tingkat. For the amount you’re paying for two for dinner, it’s worth three. Simple, affordable and customisable. They can deliver 3x a week leaving my Mon and Fri for gatherings. In addition you can request for no bones fish, no bitter gourd, which I think it’s great and cute too. Customer Service officer is friendly too! Just need to ensure to renew monthly so you won’t miss the meals.” -Xavier Goh-

#6  ReLacto

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - ReLacto

Image Credit: ReLacto

Fixing daily meals after childbirth can be a handful, especially if you want foods that are friendly for breastfeeding moms.

Relacto put great effort into providing the best menus for new moms during lactation. They choose ingredients that are meant to increase breastmilk supply. Besides that, their packaging is biodegradable. So, this tingkat delivery is healthy for you and the earth.

Relacto Reviews

Getiing the right to recover after giving birth can be challenging for some mothers. So it is no wonder that many moms left positive feedback for Relacto. Here are some of positive comment wrote by their clients.

“The meals vary everyday and all are delicious. The portions are generously served and it saves me the hassle of settling my mealtime while juggling with baby. The food packing are eco-friendly too. Highly recommended!” -Lim Li Yin-

“All foods are packed nicely and hot! Prompt daily delivery without failed! The most important is foods are delicious! Highly recommended!” – Florence Ho-

#7 Mom’s Cooking Pte Ltd

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - Mom's Cooking Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Mom’s Cooking

Mom’s Cooking is a tingkat delivery to provide your healthy home cooked meals as your daily food alternatives. They strictly do not use MSG, so you can rest assured that the tingkat packages you receive are healthy and nutritious.

To maintain the quality of their meals, they limit the number of orders. So, you need to be fast if you want to get tingkat packages from Mom’s Cooking.

Mom’s Cooking Reviews

This tingkat delivery has high rating reviews on Google. You can check their website and consider ordering if you want a change on your daily menus. Here are some of the comments that their customers wrote.

“This is the best tingkat we have tried these 2 years. The food not only looks good but taste like home cooked food as well. You won’t see the same dish in the same week.” -Siew Yong Ng-

“So far the best tingkat we’ve ever had. The food is delicious and nutritious. Compared to other providers, the price is slightly higher but the portion is generous. And their customer service is great.” -Susan Susan-


Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - RONNIE KITCHEN

Image Credit: Ronnie Kitchen

If you want Chinese food as your daily lunch or dinner menu, you may want to check Ronnie Kitchen. This tingkat delivery has a wide selection of menus, so you do not have to worry about getting bored with your tingkat delivery.

Ronni Kitchen also provides dishes with no rice. You can choose whether you want a five or twenty days trial with no rice or with rice. The no rice menus are the best option for you who are on the journey to lose weight.

Ronnie Kitchen Reviews

Many of the customers left good reviews for the tingkat delivery they received. Below are some of the comments from Google reviews that you can check too.

“Have been ordering from ronnie kitchen since circuit breaker. The food is tasty, not too salty and the dishes are thoughtfully prepared with a variety of veggies incorporated into the dishes. Tastes very home cooked. I look forward to the meal daily!” -Stella-

“So far this has been my second day of the lunch tingkat i find the food was so nice ,  not oily nor salty and very home cook.. i hope it will be so nice for the rest of my 18 days trial haha.. so that i could continue ordering .. keep up the good work! “ -Jaslyn Tee-

#9 PeraMakan

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - PeraMakan

Image Credit: PeraMakan

PeraMakan is a tingkat service with peranakan cuisine that is already familiar for Singaporean taste buds. This tingkat delivery service emphasises in serving healthy dishes with local flavours.

You will be getting a wide selection of menus, including the dessert. Besides that, the prices are relatively affordable. PeraMakan is suitable for families or adults who live alone.

PeraMakan Reviews

Many of their customers left good reviews for both the food and the service. You can see how the customers were satisfied with their tingkat packages from the comments below.

“friendly crew and awesome food. will definitely return to try other set meals!” -Valerie S-

“the food is good! while the soup is so so, I highly recommend the Penang pork ribs and chicken keluak.” -Jon-

#10 The Great Ballroom

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - The Great Ballroom

Image Credit: The Great Ballroom

Another tingkat delivery service that you want to check is The Great Ballroom. This healthy meals catering serves you premium tingkat meals that look and taste good. Of course, you can choose whether you want the premium tingkat delivery or daily meals.

The Great Ballroom Reviews

Their customers surely appreciate the 30 days meals schedule. You can find that they have a great variety of meals, plus you will be getting seasonal vegetables too.

It is always best to try out a tingkat service with the least days. With The Great Ballroom, you can choose 10 days to try their tingkat service.

#11 Tiffin Bicycle Club

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - Tiffin Bicycle Club

Image Credit: Tiffin Bicycle Club (Instagram)

Who says you cannot get fusion dishes for your tingkat delivery? Tiffin Bicycle Club serves twist of Asian food as their tingkat menus.

You have to be quick if you want to order their tingkat service. Tiffin Bicycle Club limit their only 63 tingkat packages per week. This is to maintain the quality of their packages. You can check them on Instagram for menus and ordering.

Tiffin Bicycle Club Reviews

If you check Tiffin Bicycle Club on Instagram, you will find menu names that sound unfamiliar. However, they put the information of ingredients on each menu, so you can have an idea of what the food will be like.

These unique menus are also the reason why Tiffin Bicycle Club is one of the best tingkat deliveries in Singapore.

#12 Tingkat Delivery

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - Tingkat Delivery by RICHFOOD Group

Image Credit: Tingkat Delivery Richfood Group

Tingkat Delivery by Richfood Group provides you with healthy tingkat meals that also taste delicious. Besides that, their prices are affordable. If you are a first-timer, you can choose to have five days trial first before deciding to continue or not.

Moreover, they ensure your safety with contactless tingkat delivery. As we know that during this time where social distancing is important to protect ourselves.

Tingkat Delivery Reviews

Tingkat Delivery by Richfood Group received high rating on Google reviews. Most of their clients left positive feedback for the food quality they have received. Here are some of the positive comments from their clients.

“We enjoyed the meals and they are very homely tasting. The food portion is just nice and is still quite warm when delivered.” -Ming Ann Yung-

“Very satisfied to order Tingkat 20 days meal package . I look forward to their lunch Tingkat Delivery every day, they provide different varieties of dishes delivered by them every day and a highly balanced lunch meal which is not just tasty but also healthy. It is a reasonable and affordable home-cooked meal. Highly recommend to everyone who looking for healthy home-cooked meals.” – Sharon Lee-

#13 Yassin Kampung

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - Yassin Kampung

Image Credit: Yassin Kampung

Yassin Kampung serves authentic kampung cuisine that has been the local favourites from generation to generation. So, if you want tingkat meals that contain your comfort food, you can always try their service.

Another best thing about tingkat service from Yassin Kampung is they use microwavable containers. It means you can reheat your meals if you cannot eat on time. They also have reasonable prices for each tingkat delivery package.

Yassin Kampung Reviews

Of course, they have many people who left positive feedback on their reviews. Here are some of the comments that you can check as a reference.

“The food taste fine however every meal we received , there seems to be one of the dish unmatched with rest of the cuisine. Hope can improve on the packing which some oil leaks. Overall we are satisfied with meals. “ -Sadhana-

“Delicious halal set tingkat complete with main course and vegetables soup and side dish too. Many varieties every set delivered so will not get bored. We just need to cook our own rice.” -Taufan-

#14 Yeyeah Delights

Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore - Yeyeah Delights

Image Credit: Yeyeah Delights

One thing that we love about Yeyeah Delights is they have categories to meet their client’s needs. You can choose if you need family meals, confinement meals or weight loss meals. Besides that, for healthy recovery and diet food, their confinement and weight loss packages are tasty.

Not only do they serve healthy tingkat packages, but their prices are also reasonable. So, at affordable prices, you can have healthy tingkat meal delivery every day. Wouldn’t it be a win?

Yeyeah Delights Reviews

Overall, they get a high rating on the foodline website. Many of their clients left positive feedback about their food and service. Here are some of the comments that you can find.

“The food is packed as individual bento set. This is convenient when family members are not available to eat together.”  – Cynthia –

“Food tastes good and portion is good too. It is just that it was delivered chilled, individually packed (bento) and have to reserve storage space in the fridge for 2 to 3 days meal = 9 bentos + 9 soups for family of 3.” – Fauziah –

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore

What Is A Tingkat Meal?

Tingkat meal is home cooked style meals that are served in stacked containers. Tingkat meals are associated with freshness and health.

Is There Any Tingkat Delivery That Serves For 1 Pax?

Many tingkat delivery caterers serve a 1 pax delivery. Whether you  order for yourself or the whole family, it is not difficult to find the right tingkat delivery service in Singapore.

Why Do People Order Tingkat Delivery?

Nowadays, people are too busy to prepare a proper home cooked meal for themselves. In Singapore, many people find it more convenient to order tingkat delivery than to cook for themselves.

How Do I Find Healthy Tingkat Delivery In Singapore?

You can refer to our recommendations, particularly our special mentions for healthy and tasty tingkat meals.

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